Service check
When buying new medical equipment, we receive a manufacturer's warranty, original packaging (with shock and roll-over sensors), as well as protection by the Law on Consumer Rights. Therefore, there is no need to carry out a personal check of the equipment at the supplier's warehouse.
What to do when buying not new equipment?
When buying equipment that is not new:
  • Demo
  • BOO
  • Unofficially restored
we cannot always be sure of its operability and the accuracy of the information provided.
offers to use the service "Verified by the service"
As a result of an expert inspection, the service organization provides a complete report on the technical condition of the equipment for a number of parameters
Reconciliation of basic information about the equipment (brand, model, serial number, year of manufacture and number of hours of operation)
Assessment of technical condition and appearance
Assessment of the condition of components, assemblies and accessories
Assessment of performance as intended
Assessment of packaging material
Service Checked by Service
For sellers
  • A full service report with photos will make your ad stand out among similar ones
  • The announcement, complemented by a service inspection report, will increase the chances of selling equipment quickly and profitably, regardless of the region in which you are located
For buyers
  • Allows you to get data on the real condition of the equipment, even while in another region or country
  • Based on the data obtained in the report, you will be able to formulate the objective cost of the equipment of interest

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