Medzona.com is a unique virtual marketplace uniting all players on the market of medical equipment and medical goods.
Our goal is to accelerate and simplify the search of medical equipment and medical devices, to expand the reach and to increase the amount of offers - all this on one website!
Why should you list your product on Medzona.com?
We have highly professional and specialized marketologists who find potential clients for your products and services every day by actively promoting them all over the world. Besides, we offer unlimited and free listings of your product in any category.
Who will benefit from listing on our marketplace?
All medical equipment and medical goods market players! Both federal distribution networks and private parties, as well as hospitals, private clinics and private practice specialists can become  sellers and buyers. We have a comprehensive current database of service organizations that play an important part in the medical equipment lifecycle: from the expert check before purchase to dismantlement during disposal. You can choose a service organization that would completely be up to your price and service standards.
Medzona.com possibilities
Not only you can buy or sell products and equipment on Medzona.com, but you can also lend or rent  them, as well as lease them. We facilitate easy communication between the market players. Listing pages have the sellers' phone numbers, and you can also contact them through direct messages and messengers. If you have not managed to find what you need, you can submit a proposal request that will be seen by worldwide suppliers.
What can you sell on Medzona.com?
You can post announcements about selling professional medical equipment (new, demo, used, repaired), supplies, spare parts and components, medical devices and appliances for home use, as well as about services you can offer, on our marketplace.
We at Medzona.com aim to improve and develop our marketplace everyday, we are always available for your questions and suggestions, which you are welcome to send us to info@medzona.com, or to call
8 (800) 444-18-33 (toll-free for Russia) or +7 (499) 371-36-71.
Thank you for choosing us!

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