Leasing of medical equipment
We cooperate only with large and   trusted lessors. A leasing calculator is included with   all medical supplies and equipment that meet the requirements below.
Any medical institution needs   quality medical equipment. However, not all clinics have a large enough budget for a one-time purchase of expensive devices.
The leasing mechanism allows us to equip offices with high-quality equipment, to provide our patients with the most modern treatment methods with much less investment. Plus, you save on taxes.
The equipment will be available on lease if ...
New or officially rebuilt
Warranty at least 12   months
Cost more than 1   mln. rubles
The calculator enables an individual entrepreneur or   legal entity:
choose a verified lessor
find out the initial payment and   interest rate
choose the most suitable lease term
find out the amount of your monthly payments
get the necessary documentation
send an application to the lessor
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Products available for lease

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