Purchasing medical equipment is not the only solution. Experience has shown that sometimes renting medical equipment is a more cost-effective option.
Four reasons to rent medical equipment
Young business
Opening new directions (new location) allows starting your work with minimal costs
Sometimes you only need equipment for 1 or 2 months, e.g. for prophylactic health examinations of employees and equipping health centers for the preiod of their peak activity
Need for licensing of the medical activity
Home use
Temporary need due to trauma or illness, etc. (oxygen concentrators, crutches, wheelchairs) not only allows you to place a listing to sell medical equipment, but to rent it as well. You just need to specify a minimum rent period and a monthly payment when you create your listing.
When you tick "Available for rent" filter, you will see rent proposals for medical equipment. Once you are on  the page with a listing of a product available for rent, you can specify the required rent period and send your request to the provider.
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